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GRAVIRAZVEDKA is a Joint Stock Company formed through the privitization of the Gravity Expedition №1 of USSR Ministry of Geology and by its experienced professional staff. Its mission since inception in 1997 has been to provide high quality high resolution cost competitive ground and borehole gravity surveys, analyzing the resulting data and providing detailed geological intepretations. Principal beneficiaries of this work are the mining, petroleum and enginering construction industries both within and outside the former Soviet Union. The company is very well equipped with the most advanced state-of-the-art ground and borehole field equipment and software platforms available in the world today from Canada, the US and Australia.
In addition to its own strong internal expertise, GRAVIRAZVEDKA also draws on talents and specialists from a broad spectrum of government agencies, institutes and universities including Moscow State University, MSGRU, Gubkin RSU (oil and gas), Petro-Alliance, CSE, Aerogeophysica, Aerogeology, Nizhnevolzhskiy NIIGG Institute, ZapSibNIIGG Institute.
The company has conducted both large and small projects across Russia, in all types of terrain and for a variety of clients. As is illustrated in the testimonials from satisfied customers, the work performed has been of superior quality and gives value in excess of the contracted objectives.
GRAVIRAZVEDKA's teams apply their vast knowledge and experience along with the advanced instrumentation to map the geological environment hidden below the surface, helping to shed light on a variety of subsurface conditions.
Objectives successfully addressed include:
- refining detail and mapping of stuctural and petro-physical features of sedimentary cover and underlying basement;
- delineation and analysis of faults, horsts, grabens, and synclinal and anticlinal fold structures;
- detection of potentially prospective geological targets for other detailed geophysical surveys and drilling;
- expanding known reserves and detecting satellite deposits of natural mineral resources and petroleum/gas reserves;
- monitoring of cross-borehole and borehole spaces on underground gas storage;
- mapping physical properties of rock, reock formatons and structural features for engineering, surface construction, underground gas storages, burial of waste, storage ponds, etc.;
- detection and mapping of gelogical hazards including faults, landslide zones, solution cavities, underground mine stopes and adits, and magma chambers;
- mapping and characterization of petro-physical features including saliferous formations, reefs, epigenetic, lithological boundaries, facies changes and the like.

Gravimetric prospecting

The main features of the gravity surveying as performed by GRAVIRAZVEDKA teams are its mobility, high efficiency, favorable cost/benefit ratio, and benign environmental impact. Collected and anlyzed data serves a multitude of objectives, depending on the application and targets.
As an established potential field method, when combined with more advanced processing and interpretation techniques, gravity data provides clues to what is happening far below the surface. It may be used on its own or may act to compliment to other geophysical methods, fine tuning interpretations making the drilling and testing stage more accurate and focused.
Often, it provides solutions that are simply not achievable by other approaches.
It can be part of a regional mapping program looking at basement features that can influence and control petroleum or mineral occurances or can be focused on details that specifically highlight targets.

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